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ZDR Events

What is the expected etiquette?


At all events we have our house and dungeon rules posted around the venue; these are very basic and easy to follow.

We want to ensure everyone has a safe and respectful environment to play in. If you have an incident to report, our staff and dungeon monitors are on hand throughout the evening and can be spotted by their ZDR lanyard, armband or sash.


The rules are:

-NO touching without asking

-Give others space

-NO means NO, do not bother someone after they’ve said no to you.

-Clean up after yourself/your scene, there are tissues and wipes available

-Be respectful

-Do not interrupt a scene

-If you’re not sure, ask!


Anyone who goes against these rules can be asked to leave.



Is there a dress code?


As always, dressing to impress is vital and we encourage our guests to wear something that fits in with the event theme.

We love having an environment where everyone has made an effort to get dressed up for an evening of fun. Express yourself and wear your outfit with pride!


Latex, leather, creative costumes, men’s suits, corsets, dresses and fetish attire are all welcome!

Strictly NO blue jeans & white trainers, basic street wear, or full nudity.


If you're unsure about your outfit, feel free to contact us before the event to check. Click here to go to our contact form



Is there a cloakroom? Can I get changed at the event?


We always try to make sure there is a cloakroom at our events. Please note, although our cloakrooms are staffed, and we try our best to keep your items sage, they are left at your own risk.

Changing areas aren’t always available at all venues but changing in toilets is usually possible at the beginning of the night.



Is photography allowed?


In the interest of discretion, we do not allow guests to take photos outside the official photo areas at our events. If you are seen taking photos of the crowd or playrooms, you will be asked to leave. We have official photographers at all of our parties who will be more than happy to snap you and your friends. The dedicated photo areas are always well sign posted & usually double up as a latex shine area.


Please bear in mind that these photos will be posted on social media pages like the ZaraDuRose Facebook page and our website, so if you’re not happy appearing there, please don’t ask for a photo.




I’ve ordered tickets, but I haven’t received anything, or l’ve lost them. What do I do?


Our tickets are processed through the Eventbrite system so are sent electronically. Please check your spam folder if you haven’t received them within a few hours.


If this is still the case, or you’ve deleted/lost your email, get in touch with us and include the name the tickets were ordered in & the email you want them sent to so we can do this manually.


In the unlikely case that the Eventbrite system is at fault or they process duplicate payments, please contact them directly as we are not responsible for this.




Can I resell my ticket If I can't make it anymore?


If you can no longer attend the event and wish to sell your ticket, this IS possible.

It is best to contact us directly, so we can change the name on the ticket for the new attendees. This will hopefully avoid any unfortunate cases of ticket fraud.


We use a scanning system for the tickets, so each person gets checked in electronically. This means each ticket can only be used ONCE.


In the unlikely event you have purchased a ticket from someone which has already been used/checked in, we are not responsible for issuing refunds and you will not be granted entry to the event.


No refunds are given on completed ticket orders.



Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?


Yes, our events are strictly over 18's only. ID may be required if you look under 25. If in doubt, PLEASE bring ID. If you are lucky enough to look under 25 but don't have any ID, you WILL be refused entry with no refund.



What can/can't I bring to the events?


Bringing in cameras and your own alcohol is prohibited. They will be removed by security.

Bringing your own toys is encouraged, so floggers, whips, restraints etc are all fine. But please no WAX OR MESSY PLAY.

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