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House Rules for ZDR Events

We always strive to create an atmosphere thats enjoyable & safe for everyone attending.

Due to the nature of our events we have some house rules in place, as most other kink events do!

Consent is ALWAYS key!!


If you're a regular on the scene you'll probably be familiar with most of these (but its always worth double checking!) 

If you're a first timer & looking to explore the world of ZDR parties (& others) its important that you familiarise yourself with the information below.

During the event, anyone reported breaking these rules or causing issues will be removed by security & banned from future ZDR events.


The information below is on our signage around our venues & we have our dedicated ZDR staff on hand all evening for any queries.

Our dungeon team are always happy to answer any questions & do demonstrations at times, they will be overlooking the playroom areas to ensure safety of our guests.

Our team are easily visible via the gold ZDR sashes! 

If you encounter any problems on the night, please speak to one of our team at the time so we can deal with it accordingly. It's hard for us to rectify any issues if they are sent to us after the event.

House rules for all attendees.


We do not tolerate any touching, groping, spanking or anything that isn't consensual. If you don't have permission to be involved in a play scene, do NOT interrupt them or touch without permission. 

It's the same as everywhere else, NEVER grope/touch someone when dancing or at any time. Anyone reported touching others without consent will be removed by security & banned from future events. We also share reports with other club nights.


Give others space when in the playroom. Don't get too close to guests who are enjoying the equipment. Floggers/whips WILL hurt if you're too close! 

Be aware that there are others there to enjoy the space, the kit isn't there to be used as seating, we have our social areas for chats/social times...


Please wipe down the kit after your play scene (we have antibacterial wipes available in the rooms) Just as a common courtesy for the next guests who want to enjoy their time. Dispose of any wipes, used condoms or other items in the bins provided! Our team deal with the clean up & its never pleasant to find items like this at the end of the evening...

Our DM team are there to help if you cant find the wipes or bins.


Be respectful of others. No means NO!

Never pester anyone if they've declined an invitation to engage with you. If you're seen to be hovering/following another guest who doesn't want you around, you will be told to leave.


Let's be honest, no one wants to turn around to see someone jacking off when they're not invited to join in! Those seen hovering the play spaces & pleasuring themselves will be removed from the area. If caught again you will be removed from the club by security. 


As a basic rule, don't be a twat! The ZDR crowd is an amazing bunch of people who wont tolerate anyone behaving like a dick. No time for arrogance, confrontation or drama!  


Of course theres some of us who come out to let their hair down & have a few drinks, but being blind drunk is not safe for anyone. The ZDR team will step in if anyone is seen to be too intoxicated in the play room.

Anyone seen doing drugs will be immediately removed by security & reported to the police.


In the interest of discretion, we do not allow guests to take photos outside the official photo areas at our events. If you are seen taking photos of the crowd or playrooms, you will be asked to leave. We have official photographers at all of our parties who will be more than happy to snap you and your friends. The dedicated photo areas are always well sign posted & usually double up as a latex shine area.

Please bear in mind that these photos will be posted on social media pages like the ZDR Events Facebook page and our website, so if you’re not happy appearing there, please don’t ask for a photo.

In brief:

-NO touching without asking

-Give others space

-NO means NO, do not bother someone after they’ve said no to you.

-Clean up after yourself/your scene, there are tissues and wipes available

-Be respectful

-Do not interrupt a scene

-If you’re not sure, ask!

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